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The Joshua Milton Blahyi story

The Joshua Milton Blahyi story Historical Background I was born into the mysterious union of Elizabeth Pantoe and Joseph K. Blahyi. They hail from Sinoe County, the south- eastern part of Liberia from one of the Kwa speaking tribes. The Kwa is made up of various ethnic groups around the west coast of Liberia and Cote d’ Ivoire. The ancestors of the entire Kwa speaking tribe are warriors unlike the two other sections. They believed in conquest, in other words, they fight to overcome people and places by means of war. After conquering their opponents, they would enter into a treaty or agreement with them to make them relinquish their sovereignty. The reason for this treaty was spiritual. It was to wipe away repercussions which may visit them as a result of the properties and people which they had forcefully acquired. They believed they could be bewitched or cursed if the defeated opponents themselves did not make verbal renunciations of their authority over their people and properties before turning them over to their captors. My beloved, it is profitable to limit your utterances to only the things you strongly believe in your heart. 11 The Joshua Milton Blahyi story This is why many followers of Christ Jesus are not enjoying the full benefit of the price He paid for us; the confessions of their mouths are not quantifiable with what they believe in their hearts. Every ancient warrior understood the power in spoken words, and held it in high esteem because they are acutely aware of the spiritual implications. Can you imagine the fact that after over coming a town, kill almost all the men and subdue the rest of the people and render them powerless, they will still demand that these people literally turned over themselves and their properties by declaring it verbally? The victors ensure that they personally lead their defeated opponents through the following decrees and declarations, to nullify the spiritual control of the gods, over the land, and turn over every spiritual control to their own gods they believed and worshiped. 1- Agree that the gods of our fathers that empowered us to conquer you shall have access into the hidden places of your gods, and even if you go there to take refuge we are entitled to bring you back. 2- Agree that the blood and water we used in conquering you and your land have nullified the blood and water you used in founding this land and its preservation. 3- Agree that you will be our servants and everything that belongs to you by nature and achievements belongs to us. 4- Agree that our blood and water used in conquering you have nullified the blood and water that was used in getting your crops and life stocks. 5- Agree that our blood and water used in conquering you have nullified the blood and water that your parents used in bearing you. 6- Agree that our blood and water used in conquering you have 12 The Joshua Milton Blahyi story nullified the blood and water you used in bearing your children now and unborn” 7- Agree that as of now you shall come under the gods of our fathers and it shall render you useless if the blood and water from your body ever cease responding to us in the affirmative. The victims will make these pronouncements after their victors. They carefully and consciously go through these traditional rites without any suspicion of deception from the victims. After these strong declarations, the eldest person of the tribe will address the spirits of the land, which they had conquered. Hence, they dehumanize and enslave their victims. Based on these, our ancestors and other tribes did not want to be defeated; so they made sure that they made the tribe braver and stronger every time. The ancient fathers of the Krahn tribe do not give the birthright or headship to the eldest child. Rather it is given to the strongest. For this reason our ancestors instituted a traditional fight that occurred annually, to upgrade the strength and bravery of the head; it is believed that the strength one used to win in the last fight cannot determine the headship in the present. The traditional fight did not exclude wounds, fractures and killing to show the strength and bravery of the son that won the headship. The strongest will become or take over the birthright and the headship of the family.

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Joshua Milton Blahyi alias General Butt Naked Joshua Milton Blahyi was born September 30, 1971, better known by his nom de guerre General Butt Naked, is a former commander of forces under the wider control of Liberianwarlord Roosevelt Johnson. Blahyi was known for his violence and atrocities during the First Liberian Civil War in the early 1990s. Blahyi states that he originally was a tribal priest. Since the war he has converted to Christianity and became a preacher.